Membership costs

How much does MarathonMasters cost?

Members pay dues of $57 every six months which are collected in March and September.  Individuals looking to join our club will pay a prorated amount based on when they join.  The schedule looks like this:

April / October $57.00
May / November $47.50
June / December $38.00
July / January $28.50
August / February $19.00
September / March $9.50

Additionally, members who are not in another club and have not been in Toastmasters previously will need to purchase a set of manuals.  These will cost an additional $20.

As an example, suppose an individual who is new to Toastmasters wants to join our club in August.  They would pay:

$19.00 (dues) + $20.00 (manuals) = $39.00.

This member would then pay the usual $57 renewals the following month in September to keep their membership active for the October - March timeframe.